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Myanmar Gem Museum

Our country is rich in natural resources and is called a beautiful goldenland. As our country’s got jewelry and gems as gifts from nature, we are very proud of that goldenland.

If you want to observe gold,silver and any other jewelery from different places of Myanmar, there is a gem museum grandly opened at Naypyidaw.

That gem museum of Naypyidaw is situated at Zabuthiri Township, and the first floor of the museum is decorated with
beautiful glass. And at inside, priceless jewelry, invaluable sapphires and ruby are exhibited.

And furthermore, all sorts of jades and
Myanmar biggest natural pearl are also exhibited there.
The museum is opened from 9am to 4pm usually except for
Monday and public holidays.

If you want to observe natural resources of country and share knowledges to younger generations, there is Nirvana Hotel & Resort where you can stay and then visit gem museum comfortably.

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