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Hot Spring for relaxation

For customers and clients of Nirvana, I want you to pay a visit to hot spring from Naypyidaw. Hot spring is situated at east mountains and it takes 2 hours from hotel zone. We can go there easily by car. Beautiful seceneries of nature alongside of streets can’t be even compared.

You can feel beauties of nature circled by mountains and at the top of the mountain, city Naypyidaw can be seen attractively. When you look away from the mountains, scenery of various sizes of mountains covered by forests can make you to miss someone.

These are presents of the nature to make us relaxed from noises and stresses of cities. From there to hot spring resort, you can drive twistly along the streets and then when you see welcome signboard of resort, you can know that you’ve arrived hot spring.

As soon as you get out from car, steam from hot spring can be felt firstly. When you look closely to hot spring, you can see water boiling from the ground and it’s really amazing. And after playing in swimming pool and hot water pool and feeling hungry, there are foods everyone can eat and also canteen where can buy snacks and juices so it’s really convenient.

As you can feel happiness even from imaginations, you can definitely find amusing when you pay a visit by yourself.

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