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Observe with enjoyments at National Landmark Garden

For Nirvana Hotel & Resort readers, we have told many places of Naypyidaw to visit and observe, and now we will tell about National Landmark Garden, one of the famous places in Naypyidaw.

When you look at from above, you can especially see the garden with portrait shaped like map of Myanmar over 400 acres of land.

Moreover, there are models of other landmark places of Myanmar, buddhist temples and historical buildings, so you can have a feeling of visiting whole places of the country even in one place. And you can borrow small vehicles for sight-seeing.

To feel happiness and excitement for families,
friends or company colleagues, there is a ghost house, water slides and boats for canoeing.

As it is one of the famous places of Myanmar, we would like to recommend to all people who have never paid a visit.

After visiting garden with lots of places to observe and feel tired, there is a place with only a 45minutes drive to relax. You can choose Nirvana Hotel & Resort to get a finest rest.

To all readers of Nirvana Hotel & Resort, have a nice day.

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