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Zoological Garden

When you arrive at Naypyidaw, one of the places you shouldn’t miss to go is Zoological garden located in Yezin where Myanmar’s one and only Agricultural University is situated.

That zoological garden is opened at March 26th, 2008 and 39 species of mammals, 30 species of birds and 12 species of reptiles are exhibited. And there are also rare species and wild animals suffered from extinction risk, penguins and also white tigers are also exhibited with showrooms.

So, if you come and visit Naypyidaw Zoological Garden, visitors can watch and observe rare wild animals that can only be seen in movies.

For the guests who want to visit Naypyidaw Zoological Garden, there is a place called Nirvana Hotel & Resort with only 45 minutes drive where you all can take a rest comfortably.

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